Factorization diagram cards: help?

The other day I got a lovely email from Malke Rosenfeld thanking me for creating factorization diagrams and linking me to her blog post about “factor dominoes”: she printed out some factorization diagrams, glued them to cardstock, and used the resulting cards to play some games with her seven-year-old.

I think this is absolutely brilliant, and it’s actually not the first time I’ve heard about someone printing out factorization diagrams and making cards out of them. So I thought—wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to buy a set of beautiful, professional-quality factorization diagram cards? (The answer: yes, yes it would!)

There’s only one problem: I don’t know the first thing about creating physical objects! Are you a publisher/printer, or are you able to put me in contact with one, who would be interested in working with me to produce a high-quality set of factorization diagram cards? I could easily create a Kickstarter for it if that would help.

(And yes, I still plan to make some posters and T-shirts and such as well, but the cards are what has really caught my fancy—not to mention that I’m deep in the midst of writing a dissertation proposal and don’t have a lot of extra time at the moment.)

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2 Responses to Factorization diagram cards: help?

  1. j2kun says:

    I have a few friends who design board and card games. I believe this kind of thing is typically done on-demand these days. So you can upload your designs to a website and they will print them whenever someone purchases them.

    I can ask my friends which specific service they use, but I imagine there are a few of these kinds of companies out there.

  2. We used SuperiorPOD (http://www.superiorpod.com/) to print the SevenDeck (http://7deck.com/) and they did small runs cheaply. There are other similar companies out there – the thing to search for is Print on Demand game publishers.

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