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MaBloWriMo 26: Left cosets

Let be a group and a subgroup of . Then for each element we can define a left coset of by . That is, is the set we get by combining (on the left) with every element of . For … Continue reading

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MaBloWriMo 25: Subgroups

So in the remainder of the month, we’ll prove that in any group , the order of each element must evenly divide the order (size) of the group. I said in an earlier post that this is called Lagrange’s Theorem; … Continue reading

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Book review: Fermat’s Enigma

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical ProblemSimon Singh After having it recommended to me several times, I finally picked up this book when I happened to see it at our favorite local used bookstore. I … Continue reading

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A computer-checked proof of the odd order theorem

Big news: a proof of the Feit-Thompson Theorem (also known as the “odd order theorem”) has been completely formalized and verified by a computer, using the Coq proof assistant! Wait, what? Huh? you’re probably thinking. Well, let me unpack that … Continue reading

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Fibonacci multiples, solution 1

In a previous post, I challenged you to prove If evenly divides , then evenly divides , where denotes the th Fibonacci number (). Here’s one fairly elementary proof (though it certainly has a few twists!). Pick some arbitrary and … Continue reading

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Combinatorial proofs

Continuing from a previous post, we found that if we begin with th powers of consecutive integers and then repeatedly take successive differences, it seems like we always end up with the factorial of , that is, . We then … Continue reading

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A self-square number

[This is the seventh in a series of posts on the decadic numbers (previous posts: A curiosity, An invitation to a funny number system, What does “close to” mean?, The decadic metric, Infinite decadic numbers, More fun with infinite decadic … Continue reading

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