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A friend of mine just pointed me to a most excellent puzzle game, Manufactoria, wherein you build little machines to test robots. For now I won’t give away the secret of what real math/computer science topic the game teaches you, … Continue reading

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Divisor nim

Yesterday in math club I had the students play a game which I dimly remember seeing somewhere but forget where. Since I don’t know what it is really called, I’m calling it “divisor nim”. Here’s how it works: The players … Continue reading

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A fun game I discovered recently, minim. In each level you start out with a network of numbered nodes, and the object is to successively combine the nodes according to certain mathematical rules in order to end up with only … Continue reading

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Nuclear Pennies Game: Solution

It seems that everyone with a blog is always apologizing for not posting in a while, as if this has somehow inconvenienced their readers. Of course, with the magic of feed readers, email notifications, and the like, this is not … Continue reading

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