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Let’s dig a little deeper behind the solutions to Challenges #1 and #2. What on earth does it mean for an infinite expression to have a “value”? Well, as noted in the solution to Challenge #1, what we’re really talking … Continue reading

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Challenge #2 Solution

And here are the solutions to Challenge #2…

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Challenge #2

Can you apply the techniques learned from the solution to Challenge #1 in order to find a value for these expressions? 1. 2. 3.

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Challenge #1 Solution

Read on for the solution to Challenge #1… but give it a try first if you haven’t already!

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Challenge #1

What better way to start things off than a challenge? Challenging problems are the golden road to discovering mathematical beauty: they spark interest, invite exploration, require thought and creativity, and usually beg to be tweaked, generalized, and otherwise turned into … Continue reading

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Welcome, dear reader, to The Math Less Traveled! Do any of the following apply to you? You are a high school student. You are not a high school student. You are intrigued by the idea that mathematics can be fun … Continue reading

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