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Pi Music

While we’re on the subject of , take a look at this link. There’s not much actual math behind it, but it’s just kind of fun. The idea is that you choose ten notes, one for each of the digits … Continue reading

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Searching $latex \pi$

Take a look at the Pi Search Page. You can type in a bunch of digits and it tries to find them somewhere in the first 3.2 billion digits of the decimal expansion of . , of course, is the … Continue reading

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Summer Math Tutoring

This summer I’ll be offering my services as a math tutor. Whether you are in pre-algebra or calculus, whether you need help reviewing or you just love math and want to learn more, whether you want to be tutored one-on-one … Continue reading

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Get TMLT in your inbox!

Since not everyone knows how (or cares) to use newsreaders and RSS and all that jazz, I’ve added a handy-dandy e-mail subscription service (provided by FeedBurner). Just type your e-mail address into the box at right, hit “Subscribe”, and you … Continue reading

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The Mandelbrot Set

For those of you already familiar with the Mandelbrot Set, I suppose this will be like visiting with an old friend. For those of you who aren’t — you’re in for a treat! Okay, you say, that looks pretty cool … Continue reading

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Challenge #4

Another sequence-related challenge for your sequencing pleasure. For those of you in my Elementary Functions class, this is extra credit. (Hence, if you post a comment with your solutions, please refrain from posting an explanation along with it.) Find the … Continue reading

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