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Challenge #7

This delightful problem is courtesy of Diana Davis (don’t follow the link unless you want to see the solution, though!), although I did take the liberty of formulating it slightly differently. =) One bright and sunny day, you’re walking down … Continue reading

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Fractal Art

Take a look at the fractal art of Jock Cooper — there are some amazing images there! And tons of them. Here are a couple more or less randomly chosen examples: And there are hundreds more! He has also made … Continue reading

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Challenge #6

I know I’m sort of getting ahead of myself with solution-less challenges, but I couldn’t resist. Here is a fun (I hope) little code-breaking challenge that has a lot to do with math. The first five people to send me … Continue reading

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Challenge #4 Solution, Part II

But wait! What happened to Part I, you ask!? Well, let’s play the Multiple Choice Game! (a) There is no Part I. (b) There USED to be a Part I, but it disappeared. (c) Part I will come later. Haven’t … Continue reading

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