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More drafts of my book

As you may recall, I am writing a math book, and I finally have more drafts ready for test-reading (just click here)! There are revised versions of the Preface and Chapter 0, as well as first drafts of Chapter 1 … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #9

The ninth Carnival of Mathematics is up over at JD2718, including a couple of posts by yours truly. Posts which I think may be of particular interest to readers of TMLT include: Investigating an Algebra II/SAT problem in a bit … Continue reading

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Trig sum identities, the easy way

What?! Did I just use all of the words “trig”, “identities” and “easy” in the same sentence? …Actually, I didn’t, since “Trig sum identities, the easy way” isn’t a sentence. That’s because it no verb, just like this sentence. Anyway, … Continue reading

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