Video: The Story of Pi

A fun video about \pi, including a nice visual explanation of the formula for the area of a circle, and some interesting places that \pi shows up where you might not expect it to. The video was made by Tom M. Apostol and Jim Blinn as part of Project MATHEMATICS!.

Also, don’t forget to post your discoveries about perfect number factorizations as comments to the previous post!

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5 Responses to Video: The Story of Pi

  1. Pseudonym says:

    Nice to see Jim Blinn’s name there in the credits.

  2. Sol Lederman says:

    Awesome video! Apostol is the one who wrote one of the classic Calculus texts still being used in lots of places. I love it when an accomplished mathematician puts energy into popularizing Math. Hurrah!

  3. So that’s how they do it.

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