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Menger sponge video

Check out the following totally sweet video of zooming into a Menger sponge! This video was made by David Makin, who has lots of other cool images and videos at his website. You can probably figure out what a Menger … Continue reading

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Geometric multiplication: an explanation

Now for an explanation/proof of that weird method of multiplication that I talked about in a previous post. You’ll recall that it’s really quite simple: to multiply a and b, draw a line from to and see where it crosses … Continue reading

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Geometric multiplication

I’ve just learned about a fairly useless, yet utterly beguiling method for performing multiplication, and I’d like to share it! Suppose you have two numbers you wish to multiply, call them a and b. Your first instinct is probably to … Continue reading

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Hello, reader!

There are times when I get discouraged writing this blog: it’s hard to keep writing something like this when there’s not a whole lot of feedback and you really have no idea whether anyone is reading it at all. Then … Continue reading

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Nuclear Pennies Game: Analysis

And now, for the promised analysis of the Nuclear Pennies Game! First, recall the rules of the game: there is a semi-infinite (i.e. with a beginning but no end) strip of squares, each of which can contain a stack of … Continue reading

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