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Carnival of Mathematics #1000!

#1000, you ask? Surely the previous one was #26? Well, yes, but that’s 1000 in base 3, of course. Duh. =) Anyway, yes, the most recent Carnival can be found over at JD2718. Some of my favorite posts: A really … Continue reading

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Recounting the Rationals, part IVb: the Euclidean Algorithm

Suppose we have two integers, and we’d like to find their greatest common divisor (GCD). Recall that the greatest common divisor of two integers m and n is exactly that: the greatest integer which is a divisor of both m … Continue reading

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26th Carnival of Mathematics posted

The 26th Carnival of Mathematics—the one-year anniversary edition!—is posted over at 360, so head over and give it a look! Of particular interest to readers of TMLT are Music From Mathematical Constants from Mike at Walking Randomly (pi as music? … Continue reading

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Recounting the Rationals, part IV

Continuing a series about the Calkin-Wilf tree (see those links for some background), today I’d like to show why all the rationals in the tree must be in lowest terms. Let’s start off with a little number theory! What do … Continue reading

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