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Curta Calculating Machines

[Trying to clear out the queue of draft posts here… I started writing this post in September of 2008 but never posted it for some reason!] Thanks to Rod at Reasonable Deviations, I recently read about Curta calculators — amazing … Continue reading

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Ways to multiply

Ξ at 360 has a couple of posts (with more to come!) listing a bunch of different algorithms for performing multiplication. Did you even know there was more than one? Would you be surprised to learn that over the years, … Continue reading

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Square roots with pencil and paper: method 2

A little while ago I wrote about the Babylonian method for approximating square roots with pencil and paper. In that post I noted that the Babylonian method is quite efficient, but annoying in some ways since it makes you deal … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #53

Welcome to the 53rd Carnival of Mathematics! A somewhat shorter carnival this time, but I greatly enjoyed reading the submissions I did get, and I hope you do too. Meaghan Montrose at TutorFi presents ten tips for daily practicing your … Continue reading

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