Vi Hart's math doodles

Vi Hart’s math doodle videos have been making the rounds of the math blogosphere (I heard of them from Denise at Let’s Play Math!). There are four videos so far and they are well worth watching — inspirational, creative, full of great math, and just plain fun!

One of these days I am going to figure out how to make some fun videos of my own…

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2 Responses to Vi Hart's math doodles

  1. Dave says:

    In a word….Awesome! Truly inspirational videos and really well made.

    As a high school math teacher in New York, I agree with everything that she has to say about the high school math curriculum. It tends to ignore most of the really interesting, inspirational, fun elements of mathematics and instead presents it as a dull, disconnected series of topics and skills that need to be covered before “the test”. The curriculum is taylor made to make even the most wide-eyed and curious students hate mathematics and it does not promote dynamic teaching. I hope that, at some point in my 30-year career, the state will start empowering teachers to have some say in how we present mathematics to our students. No more rigid, state imposed math curricula. Let’s start the revolution.

  2. koko says:

    your artwork is awesome i love you!! ❤

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