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Book review: Discrete and Computational Geometry

Discrete and Computational GeometrySatyan L. Devadoss & Joseph O’Rourke [Full disclosure: Princeton Press kindly sent me a free review copy of this book, and Satyan Devadoss is a (former) teacher and (current) good friend of mine. I was the TA … Continue reading

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Permuting permutations

As you probably know, there are ( factorial) different ways to put the numbers from through (or any set of distinct objects) in a list. For example, here are the different lists containing the numbers through : Each such list … Continue reading

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Book review: Fermat’s Enigma

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical ProblemSimon Singh After having it recommended to me several times, I finally picked up this book when I happened to see it at our favorite local used bookstore. I … Continue reading

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