Factorization diagram posters!

I’ve finally gotten around to making a nice factorization diagram poster:

You can buy high-quality prints from Imagekind. (If you order soon you should have them before Christmas! =) I’m really quite happy with imagekind, the print quality is fantastic and the prices seem reasonable. You can choose among different sizes—I suggest 32"x20" ($26 on the default matte paper, + shipping), but the next smaller size (24"x15", $17) is probably OK too.

If you have ideas for variant posters you’d like to see, let me know (though I probably won’t be able to do anything until after the new year).

Note that Jeremy also has a variety of factorization diagram posters for sale.

For more information, including links to the source code, a high-resolution PNG, and other things, see this factorization diagrams page.

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7 Responses to Factorization diagram posters!

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Nice ❢❢❢

    Here’s some pretty pics for you to muse on —

    Riffs & Rotes

  2. suevanhattum says:

    Thanks! The shipping is pretty high. My total is $36.63. But I want one, and I’m tickled to be getting this. Did you see their photo, with your poster above a bed? Pretty funny.

    • Brent says:

      Yeah, the shipping is a bit steep, but then again it comes in a big tube etc. At least they do a good job of packing it (with protective tissue paper, etc.). As for the photo of my poster above a bed, I think they have a whole variety of auto-generated photos showing any poster “in context”… so I’ve seen my poster above a fireplace, above a bed, in a dining room… too bad they don’t have a stock “math department common room” photo. =)

  3. Hooray! This’ll be going up on the walls of Newcastle University’s maths department pretty soon.

  4. fishnsotong says:

    Do you still blog? I have been stumbling along the internet looking for a great maths resource, and I think I found one 🙂

    • Brent says:

      Thanks! =) I have not been blogging much lately, since I nearing the end of my PhD and have my head buried deeply in “find a job and write a dissertation” mode. But I do intend to pick back up again at some point.

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