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Games with factorization diagram cards

Since I published a deck of factorization diagram cards last September, a few teachers have picked up copies of the cards and started using them with their students. I’ve started collecting ideas for games you can play using the cards, … Continue reading

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The MacLaurin series for sin(x)

In my previous post I said “recall the MacLaurin series for :” Since someone asked in a comment, I thought it was worth mentioning where this comes from. It would typically be covered in a second-semester calculus class, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Basel problem

I wanted to follow up on something I mentioned in my previous post: I claimed that At the time I didn’t know how to prove this, but I did some quick research and today I’m going to explain it! It … Continue reading

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The Riemann zeta function

Recall from my previous post that given a function , we define , the Dirichlet generating function of , by We also proved that : the product of Dirichlet generating functions is the Dirichlet generating function of the Dirichlet convolution. … Continue reading

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