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7 Responses to Post without words #16

  1. blaisepascal2014 says:

    I like the patterns. Pleasing. Very Venn — I mean, Zen.

  2. xander says:

    I found a rather nice interactive one a while back: .

  3. Naren Sundar says:

    Looks really cool. I am drawn to the intersections and by counting them I see that all possible intersections of the n ellipses are present.

    • Brent says:

      Technically, counting alone can’t prove that all possible intersections are present—some could be repeated—but in fact you’re exactly right!

  4. Denis says:

    A diagram much like the last one was the inspiration for the 5D flower we discussed in PWW 13-14. The intersections here match the points in the flower, but not every neighboring node in my flower is a neighboring cell here. Drawing out the dual clarifies that the “missing” connections are generally to the near-opposite side of the diagram, with the curves moving counterclockwise as they go outward.

  5. Widget says:

    There is a lovely discussion about drawing multiset Venn diagrams. In fact there was a site that would attempt to construct quite large diagrams; alas, I can’t remember where.

    This site has a lovely five set Venn diagram. Following the link to Dr. Edward’s site allows exploration of some of the other ways to draw the diagrams in the links.

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