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tl;dr: I’ve just created a Patreon page where you can pledge to support The Math Less Traveled with a small monthly donation and become part of a community that will help shape future posts and topics!

I’ve been writing this blog for almost twelve years (!). Over that time I’ve published more than 400 posts totaling almost 200,000 words. Writing The Math Less Traveled is not my job and I’ve never gotten paid for it; I just love to explore beautiful ideas and find creative ways to explain them to others.

Normally this is the place where I would say how The Math Less Traveled won’t be able to continue to exist without your support, and how I need to feed my family, and so on. But the honest truth is that my family is doing just fine, and I will probably continue writing The Math Less Traveled no matter what! It would just be nice to be rewarded for my hard work, and to at least be able to offset the cost of the frequent writing sessions in my favorite local coffee shop (where I’m writing this right now), buy some relevant books now and then, and upgrade my WordPress plan to have ads removed. I’m also excited to use Patreon as a platform to build a closer, more collaborative relationship with my readers: I will consult patrons at the $5/month level for things like feedback on drafts, research help, and ideas for topics, posts, and visualizations.

If you find my writing valuable, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron, even at just a few dollars a month. Of course, there are also some cool rewards, like high-resolution versions of any graphics I make for the blog, and access to patron-only content (likely full of my random mathematical musings and stories about math conversations with my kids).

Thanks for reading regardless, and here’s to the next twelve years! Next up: how to color the plane using only seven colors (aka pretty pictures made by mathematically-minded bees!).

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Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.
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