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Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.

Book review: An Illustrated Theory of Numbers

[Disclosure of Material Connection: The AMS kindly provided me with a free review copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.] An Illustrated Theory of Numbers Martin H. Weissman … Continue reading

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Orthogons and orthobraces

One of these days soon I will get back to writing about primality tests, but for now I am having fun getting sidetracked on orthogons! In a previous post I gave rules for when two orthogons will be considered the … Continue reading

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Properties of orthogons II

In my previous post I proved three out of the four properties of orthogons I originally stated. Now let’s prove the final property: Every sequence of an even number of X’s and V’s, with exactly four more X’s than V’s, … Continue reading

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Properties of orthogons I

First things first: from now on, when talking about polygons with only right angles, instead of calling them “orthogonal polygons” I’m going to start calling them “orthogons”, which sounds cool, is much less clunky than “orthogonal polygons”, and doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Orthogonal polygons

It’s time to say more about PWW #21, in which I exhibited things like this: Quite a few commenters figured out what was going on, and mentioned several nice (equivalent) ways to think about it. Primarily, the idea is to … Continue reading

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Fast and slow machines

In my previous post, I presented three hypothetical machines which take a positive integer as input and give us something else as output: a factorization machine gives us the complete prime factorization of ; a factor machine gives us one … Continue reading

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New Mersenne prime

With impeccable timing, just in the middle of my series about primality testing, a new Mersenne prime has been announced, a little under two years after the previous one. In particular, it has been shown that is prime; this is … Continue reading

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