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New bookshelf entry: The Annotated Turing

For my birthday I got, among other things, a copy of The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing’s Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine, by Charles Petzold. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but so far, … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #23: Haiku Edition

Welcome to the 23rd Carnival of Mathematics: Haiku Edition! First, I must apologize for the delay: I usually have very little trouble with my hosting provider, but of course it went down just when the CoM was supposed to be … Continue reading

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More drafts of my book

As you may recall, I am writing a math book, and I finally have more drafts ready for test-reading (just click here)! There are revised versions of the Preface and Chapter 0, as well as first drafts of Chapter 1 … Continue reading

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Book excerpt

Lately, I’ve been hard at work on the book I’m writing… and I finally have something to show for it! You can download the first chapter here (318K PDF). If you’d like to take the time to work through it … Continue reading

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New bookshelf entry: The Book of Numbers

After seeing John H. Conway and Richard Guy‘s The Book of Numbers cited in yet another interesting article/book/whatever, I finally decided that I clearly had to read it. (It seems to get cited a lot in certain circles.) I wasn’t … Continue reading

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