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The curious powers of 1 + sqrt 2

Recently on, Colin Wright posted the following puzzle: What’s the 99th digit to the right of the decimal point in the decimal expansion of ? Of course, it’s simple enough to use a computer to find the answer; any … Continue reading

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Fibonacci’s Problem of the Birds

I have been enjoying reading Keith Devlin’s new book, Finding Fibonacci. I’ll write more about the book later. For now, I just wanted to share a nice problem I learned about which Leonardo Pisano, aka Fibonacci, included in his book … Continue reading

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The route puzzle

While poking around some old files I came across this puzzle: (Click for a larger version.) I didn’t make it, and I have no idea where I got it from (do you know?). But in any case, wherever it comes … Continue reading

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Post without words #5

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The chocolate bar game: losing positions characterized

The evident pattern from my last post is that losing positions in the chocolate bar game appear to be characterized by those where the binary expansion of is the same as the binary expansion of with any number (including zero) … Continue reading

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The chocolate bar game: losing positions in binary

Recall the chocolate bar game from my last post, whose winning and losing positions can be visualized like this: Here’s a list of some losing positions on or above the main diagonal (dark blue squares in the above picture), ordered … Continue reading

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The birthday candle problem

After a 1.5-month epic journey1, I am finally settling into my new position at Hendrix College. Here’s a fun problem I just heard from my new colleage Mark Goadrich: A birthday cake has lit candles. At each step you pick … Continue reading

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