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New and improved: bookshelf and Carnival of Mathematics

Two things today: first, I’ve updated my “bookshelf” (go to, scroll down a bit and look in the right margin). The books come from my LibraryThing library, and I’ve now figured out how to write reviews of the books … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #53

Welcome to the 53rd Carnival of Mathematics! A somewhat shorter carnival this time, but I greatly enjoyed reading the submissions I did get, and I hope you do too. Meaghan Montrose at TutorFi presents ten tips for daily practicing your … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics: here, this Friday!

I will be hosting the Carnival of Mathematics here this Friday (June 5). Please send in your submissions! IMPORTANT: it’s a long story but I am not yet listed as the host on the blog carnival site, so DO NOT … Continue reading

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Full Speed Ahead!

Hooray for summer! Now that finals are finally over, you can expect a lot more from me over the next few months. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned, including a description and explanation of an algorithm for finding … Continue reading

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Post #100 102!

After just over two and a half years of writing The Math Less Traveled, I’ve reached 100 posts! (Well, 102 actually, I seem to have missed 100…) It’s a little hard to believe I’ve actually written that much, and kept … Continue reading

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Teaching precalculus in 2008-2009

This year I will be teaching precalculus via correspondence to two homeschool students. Don’t ask how this happened, it’s a long story, but I’m excited! It will be fun for me to gain more experience teaching and writing, and to … Continue reading

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Weird black bars in LaTeX images

Recently I’ve been seeing strange black bars to the right of all the images generated from LaTeX expressions on this blog. But I’m starting to suspect that it’s some sort of bug in Firefox, because when I download the images … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Hello again, dear reader! I haven’t written anything here in quite a while now — since February 22, it would seem! Partly, that’s because I’ve been busy visiting graduate schools and deciding where to go. And I can now happily … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics #1000!

#1000, you ask? Surely the previous one was #26? Well, yes, but that’s 1000 in base 3, of course. Duh. =) Anyway, yes, the most recent Carnival can be found over at JD2718. Some of my favorite posts: A really … Continue reading

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26th Carnival of Mathematics posted

The 26th Carnival of Mathematics—the one-year anniversary edition!—is posted over at 360, so head over and give it a look! Of particular interest to readers of TMLT are Music From Mathematical Constants from Mike at Walking Randomly (pi as music? … Continue reading

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