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Finding prefix and repetend length

We interrupt your regularly scheduled primality testing to bring you something else fun I’ve been thinking about. It’s well-known that any rational number has a decimal expansion that either terminates, or is eventually periodic—that is, the digits after the decimal … Continue reading

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Post without words #23

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Some words on PWW #22

There are lots of patterns to be found in the picture from my previous post! This is a really remarkable tiling. Here are a few special properties I know of: First of all, I hope you realized that the pattern … Continue reading

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Post without words #22

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From primitive roots to Euclid’s orchard

Commenter Snowball pointed out the similarity between Euclid’s Orchard… …and this picture of primitive roots I made a year ago: At first I didn’t see the connection, but Snowball was absolutely right. Once I understood it, I made this little … Continue reading

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A few words about PWW #20

A couple commenters quickly figured out what my previous post without words was about. The dots making up the image are at integer grid points , with the center at . There is a dot at if and only if … Continue reading

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Post without words #20

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