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Carnival of Mathematics #23: Haiku Edition

Welcome to the 23rd Carnival of Mathematics: Haiku Edition! First, I must apologize for the delay: I usually have very little trouble with my hosting provider, but of course it went down just when the CoM was supposed to be … Continue reading

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Geometric multiplication

I’ve just learned about a fairly useless, yet utterly beguiling method for performing multiplication, and I’d like to share it! Suppose you have two numbers you wish to multiply, call them a and b. Your first instinct is probably to … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Euler!

Today, April 15, 2007, marks the 300th birthday of Leonhard Euler. Not that he’s still alive or anything. Euler (rhymes with spoiler, NOT Bueller!) was the most prolific mathematician of all time, publishing more than 800 papers (!) in his … Continue reading

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