Post series

The Twelve Days of Christmas and Tetrahedral Numbers

Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio

Perfect numbers

Recounting the Rationals

Rational and irrational numbers

Predicting Pi

Irrationality of pi

Decadic numbers

A combinatorial proof

What I Do

MaBloWriMo 2015: The Lucas-Lehmer Test and Group Theory

  1. The Lucas-Lehmer test
  2. Mersenne composites
  3. Mersenne composites in binary
  4. not all prime-index Mersenne numbers are prime
  5. The Lucas-Lehmer Test
  6. The Proof Begins
  7. s via omega
  8. definition of s and mod
  9. omega and its ilk
  10. Groups
  11. Examples of Groups
  12. Groups and Order
  13. Elements of finite groups have an order
  14. Element orders are no greater than group size
  15. One more fact about element orders
  16. Recap and outline
  17. X marks the spot
  18. X is not a group
  19. groups from monoids
  20. the group X star
  21. the order of omega, part I
  22. the order of omega, part II
  23. contradiction!
  24. Bezout’s identity
  25. Subgroups
  26. Left cosets
  27. From subgroups to equivalence relations
  28. Equivalence relations are partitions
  29. Equivalence classes are cosets
  30. Cyclic subgroups

The chocolate bar game

Fibonacci numbers and golden numbers

Apollonian gaskets and Descartes’ theorem

Roots of unity and the Möbius function

The greedy coins game

The silver ratio

Primality testing


The chromatic number of the plane

Prefix and repetend length

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