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Chessboard counting

I am currently doing a unit on combinatorics (the mathematical study of counting) with my precalculus students, and I was inspired to post a few counting-themed challenge problems for your enjoyment. (Also, it’s my spring break!) As you probably know, … Continue reading

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Carnival of Math #48, and Monday Math Madness #25

The 48th Carnival of Mathematics is posted at Concrete Nonsense. My favorite posts include Foxmath’s post about a strange iterated sequence involving pi and this amazing picture of a fractal cabbage. Also near and dear to my heart is Mark … Continue reading

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Challenge #12: sums of powers of two

A few interesting problems for you to think about: Given a positive integer n, in how many ways can n be written as a sum of powers of two, when each power is allowed to occur at most once? For … Continue reading

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