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More fun with infinite decadic numbers

This is the sixth in a series of posts on the decadic numbers (previous posts: A curiosity, An invitation to a funny number system, What does “close to” mean?, The decadic metric, Infinite decadic numbers). Last time I left you … Continue reading

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More on repetend lengths

In a previous post, I noted that the length of the repetend (repeating portion of the decimal expansion) of a fraction with prime denominator p is at most p-1, and in fact divides p-1. I also said: In fact, there’s … Continue reading

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More on decimal expansions

Today, I’d like to answer some of the questions I raised in the Decimal Expansion Zoo: Which decimal expansions terminate, and which are repeating—and how does it relate to the denominator? As we know, the decimal expansion of every rational … Continue reading

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Decimal expansion zoo

In a comment on a previous post about rational numbers and decimal expansions, Steve Gilberg noted: I’ve been fascinated at how any multiple of 1/7 that’s not an integer repeats the same digits in decimal expression, only starting at different … Continue reading

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Rational numbers and decimal expansions

As you may remember from school, rational numbers have a terminating or eventually repeating (periodic) decimal expansion, whereas irrational numbers don’t. So, for example, 0.123123123123…, with 123 repeating forever, is rational (in fact, it is equal to 41/333), whereas something … Continue reading

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