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MaBloWriMo 13: Elements of finite groups have an order

Recall from yesterday that if is a group and is some element of the group, the order of is defined as the smallest number of copies of which combine to yield the identity element. I forgot to mention it yesterday, … Continue reading

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MaBloWriMo 12: Groups and Order

Continuing our discussion of groups (see here and here), today I want to discuss the concept of order, which is defined both for groups themselves and for the elements of a group. The order of a group simply means the … Continue reading

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A computer-checked proof of the odd order theorem

Big news: a proof of the Feit-Thompson Theorem (also known as the “odd order theorem”) has been completely formalized and verified by a computer, using the Coq proof assistant! Wait, what? Huh? you’re probably thinking. Well, let me unpack that … Continue reading

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