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Book review: Tales of Impossibility

[Disclosure of Material Connection: Princeton Press kindly provided me with a free review copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.] Tales of Impossibility: The 2000-Year Quest to Solve … Continue reading

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SMT solutions

In my last post I described the general approach I used to draw orthogons using an SMT solver, but left some of the details as exercises. In this post I’ll explain the solutions I came up with. Forbidding touching edges … Continue reading

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Drawing orthogons with an SMT solver

I’m long overdue to finish up my post series on orthogons as promised. First, a quick recap: An orthogon is a polygon with only right angles. Two orthogons are considered the same if you can turn one into the other … Continue reading

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Stars of the Mind’s Sky with Diagrams

A few weeks ago, Paul Salomon posted a really beautiful work of mathematical art on his blog, Lost In Recursion: Stars of the Mind’s Sky, by Paul Salomon He included a precise mathematical description of the image, and I naturally … Continue reading

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