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A new tricubic sum for three!

Here’s a nice Numberphile interview with Andrew Booker about the new discovery. They also talk about Hilbert’s tenth problem, undecidability, the reasons for doing computer searches like this, the role of science communication (such as Numberphile) in spurring discovery, and … Continue reading

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Sums of cubes: multiple representations

I’m continuing a short series of posts on representing numbers as a sum of three cubes; previous posts are 33 is the sum of three cubes and More sums of three cubes. We now know that every number less than … Continue reading

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More fun with infinite decadic numbers

This is the sixth in a series of posts on the decadic numbers (previous posts: A curiosity, An invitation to a funny number system, What does “close to” mean?, The decadic metric, Infinite decadic numbers). Last time I left you … Continue reading

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