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Finding the repetend length of a decimal expansion

We’re still trying to find the prefix length and repetend length of the decimal expansion of a fraction , that is, the length of the part before it starts repeating, and the length of the repeating part. In my previous … Continue reading

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Four formats for Fermat: correction!

In my previous post I explained three variants on Fermat’s Little Theorem, as well as a fourth, slightly more general variant, which it turns out is often called Euler’s Totient Theorem. Here’s what I said: If and is any integer, … Continue reading

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Hyperbinary conjecture seeking proof for a good time, long walks on the beach

Here’s the latest progress on the hyperbinary sequence. We’re trying to figure out the inverse relation of the function : given a particular number , where does it occur in the hyperbinary sequence? That is, what are the values of … Continue reading

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