Proof by animation

A proof of the Pythagorean Theorem:


Cool, huh? If you don’t immediately see how it’s a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem… just stare at it for a while. =) You can pause the animation (and then restart it again) by clicking on it with the mouse. I made this using the programming language Processing, which is a lot like Java except it has all kinds of graphics stuff built in.

(Please bear with me if it doesn’t work, I’ve never tried embedding a Java applet in a post before… if it doesn’t work for you, let me know in a comment. And by the way, there’s a very good chance the applet won’t work if you are reading this in a newsreader or in an e-mail; to get the full applet-y goodness, visit the original post.)

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Associate Professor of Computer Science at Hendrix College. Functional programmer, mathematician, teacher, pianist, follower of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Proof by animation

  1. maria yu says:


    I like your applet very much!
    I came to your site from the original post. I downloaded the plug-in but my applet won’t load. I wonder if it’s because I used .class and .life rather than .jar.
    I left a comment on the original post but haven’t got a reply yet so I thought maybe you had a clue. Here is my code:

    (I changed from ” to ‘ so it can display here.)

    I have this block of code in my wordpress single.php file.

    Thank you,


  2. Brent says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Sorry, I’m a little confused — first, what do you mean by “the original post”? And second, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to include an applet in your own wordpress blog?

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