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Finding prefix and repetend length

We interrupt your regularly scheduled primality testing to bring you something else fun I’ve been thinking about. It’s well-known that any rational number has a decimal expansion that either terminates, or is eventually periodic—that is, the digits after the decimal … Continue reading

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More on Fermat witnesses and liars

In my previous post I stated, without proof, the following theorem: Theorem: if is composite and there exists at least one Fermat witness for , then at least half of the numbers relatively prime to are Fermat witnesses. Were you … Continue reading

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Fermat witnesses and liars (some words on PWW #24)

Let be a positive integer we want to test for primality, and suppose is some other positive integer with . There are then four possibilities: and could share a common factor. In this case we can find the common factor … Continue reading

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Post without words #24

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