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Monday Math Madness!

Quan, Daniel, and Sol, from blinkdagger and Wild About Math!, have teamed up to create a fun math contest, Monday Math Madness. Every other week, they post a math problem; after one week, a winner is randomly selected from among … Continue reading

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Challenge #12 solution, part III

And now for the solution to problem #3 from Challenge #12, which asked: how many ways are there to write a positive integer n as a sum of powers of two, with no restrictions on how many powers of two … Continue reading

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Challenge #12 solution, part I

I’ll begin by providing an answer to the first of the three questions I posed in a previous post.

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Challenge #12: sums of powers of two

A few interesting problems for you to think about: Given a positive integer n, in how many ways can n be written as a sum of powers of two, when each power is allowed to occur at most once? For … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Hello again, dear reader! I haven’t written anything here in quite a while now — since February 22, it would seem! Partly, that’s because I’ve been busy visiting graduate schools and deciding where to go. And I can now happily … Continue reading

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