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The Möbius function proof, part 2 (the subset parity lemma)

Continuing from my previous post, we are in the middle of proving that satisfies the same equation as , that is, and that therefore for all , that is, is the sum of all the th primitive roots of unity. … Continue reading

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The Möbius function proof, part 1

In my last post, I introduced the Möbius function , which is defined in terms of the prime factorization of : if has any repeated prime factors, that is, if is divisible by a perfect square. Otherwise, if has distinct … Continue reading

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Complex multiplication: proof

In my previous post, I claimed that when multiplying two complex numbers, their lengths multiply and their angles add, like this: In particular, this means that there are always different complex numbers whose th power is equal to : they … Continue reading

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The chocolate bar game: losing positions proved

In my last post I claimed that the losing positions for the chocolate bar game are precisely those of the form (or the reverse), that is, in binary, positions where one coordinate is the same as the other with any … Continue reading

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MaBloWriMo 30: Cyclic subgroups

Today, to wrap things up, we will use Lagrange’s Theorem to prove that if is an element of the group , the order of evenly divides the order of . So we have a group and an element . In … Continue reading

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MaBloWriMo 29: Equivalence classes are cosets

Today will conclude the proof of Lagrange’s Theorem! Recall that we defined subgroups and left cosets, and defined a certain equivalence relation on a group in terms of a subgroup . Today we’re going to show that the equivalence classes … Continue reading

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MaBloWriMo 28: Equivalence relations are partitions

Today we’ll take a brief break from group theory to prove a fact about equivalence relations, namely, that they are the same as partitions. A partition is a pretty intuitive concept: you take a big set, and cut it up … Continue reading

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