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The wizard’s rational puzzle (mind your p’s and q’s!)

You have been abducted by a sadistic math wizard (don’t you hate it when that happens?). He ushers you into a plain but cozy-looking room, with a hardwood floor, a few exotic-looking rugs, and wood paneling on the walls. He … Continue reading

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More fun with Dirichlet convolution

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus for the holidays! Last time we saw how the principle of Möbius inversion arises from considering the function from the point of view of Dirichlet convolution. Put simply, the Möbius function is … Continue reading

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Right answers for the wrong reasons

Here’s a recent xkcd which as a math educator I found particularly funny. Some questions for my readers: What numbers besides 3 and 9 would “work” here? Do you have any particularly funny or interesting stories of students getting something … Continue reading

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A fun game I discovered recently, minim. In each level you start out with a network of numbered nodes, and the object is to successively combine the nodes according to certain mathematical rules in order to end up with only … Continue reading

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