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A few words about PWW #25

In my previous post I made images like this: What’s going on? Well, first, it’s easy to notice that each grid starts with in the upper-left square; is one square down and to the right of , then is one … Continue reading

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Post without words #25

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Link: Chat Noir

Just a link for you today: Chat Noir is a fun game where you try to trap a cat before it escapes. It’s quite mathematical, too. Can you figure out strategies for trapping the cat? Can you always win, or … Continue reading

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17×17 4-coloring with no monochromatic rectangles

Quick, what’s special about the following picture? As just announced by Bill Gasarch, this is a grid which has been four-colored (that is, each point in the grid has been assigned one of four colors) in such a way that … Continue reading

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